How to send location through Hike

We can use number of apps and messengers to send your exact location to your friends, people. They can reach your place easily without asking someone for the route and landmarks to find your exact location. I am going to show you here about how to share location through Hike messenger App.

share location through hike

Hike has wide range features and it is very user friendly and stylish app in messengers. Its users are just confused while trying to send locations and contacts through this app. I am giving step by step method to know how to send location through hike messenger. You can come up with any further queries regarding this issue.

How to send location to friends on Hike

Live Demo


  • Open hike messenger app
  • Choose friend or contact and open to chat
  • Click on attach file icon
  • Now choose location icon from the menu options and click send button after loaded map

Like this you can send contact by choosing head symbol or contact icon that you can see right side of location icon. Use music icon to send music files and GIP icon for gip files etc.

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