How to Stop Hike News, Games

People are spending half of the day with social media platforms like messengers to do chit chat online with friends, family and unknown people. Every messenger has given options to just chat but hike has given a special feature which is known as getting news notifications on hike messenger app daily.

stop hike services alerts

You will get hike news when you open it with internet active. But I got irritated with that news option which I feel disturbance while using hike messenger app. So that I searched to turn off hike news within the app settings, yes. Finally I found an option to stop getting news messages in hike messenger.

Here I am giving a simple tip about stop hike news in detailed step by step along with a live demo. You can go with article steps or else watch video to know how to stop hike news.

How to Stop Hike News Notifications

Live Demo


  • Open hike app on your device
  • You can see news option or news tab on screen
  • Open news, games or whatever you want to hide services 
  • In the right top corner you can see 3 vertical dot icon over there
  • Click on 3 vertical dot icon 
  • You can see drop down menu with block news or notifications check mark 
  • Choose block news to stop getting news on your hike app
  • Disable notifications to stop getting notifications on hike

Now you can choose your preferred one like if you need news but don't want to get notification alerts on it go with disable notification or else you don’t want to see news on your hike just click on block news. Like this you can stop hike news on any version of app and you can come up with any queries regarding this topic.

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