How to block Followers on Instagram

It is common problem with spam or fake accounts for every social media accounts like facebook, twitter and Instagram etc. so that every application has options to block users to stop their spam activities with our accounts. You can use Instagram blocking option to stop people to follow your stories and posts. Here I am going to share detailed step by step method along with a live demo to know how to block someone on Instagram app.

block someone on instagram

It is impossible to unblock a blocked users from web application but when it comes to block people is very easy to block from mobile and web application versions.  First you should know about benefits of blocking people in your account. Just follow below guide lines or else watch live demo video to know how to block instagram users.

Benefits of Blocking People on Insta

  • They can’t reach your posts and profile
  • No longer to hit like, comment and react for your posts
  • They can’s tag you in their posts

How to block users on Instagram

Live Demo


  • Open app or log on to Instagram
  • Go through your followers profile of whom you want to block
  • Click on 3 vertical dot icon if you open on App (or) click on 3 horizontal dot icon if you open on web
  • Choose block option from menu to block users on Instagram
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