How to check Instagram Account Creation Date

All are busy in using social media sites and in that instagram also have high usage when compared to other sites like fb, twitter, tiktok etc. Few people will use it for brand or service promotions and few for sharing updates, daily activities and followings etc.

instagram account creation date

One day I had a doubt of when I created instagram account, then I tried to know it and searched throughout instagram account. After few minutes I found it somewhere in instagram settings and I got to know about my instagram account creation date. 

We can check account creation date of instagram through app and web version. I am giving two types of steps to find it

How to check Instagram Joined Date

Live Demo


In App

  • Open app on your device
  • Click profile button (you can see at bottom right corner)
  • Now click on 3 horizontal line icon that you can see at right top corner
  • Go through settings (you can see at bottom right corner)
  • Open security from the options
  • Now open Access Data from Data and History Section 
  • Here you can see date joined in account info section of Instagram

In Web

  • Log on to instagram
  • Click on profile button or head icon
  • Click on setting icon that you can see beside of edit profile 
  • Choose privacy and security from the pop up options
  • Scroll down until you see account data 
  • Open account data, there you can see instagram joined date or created date

Like this you can check instagram account creation date using mobile app or web version with date and time of you opened it

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