How to block comments on Instagram

Hello insta users, you know that from past days it has changed and updated lots of features to make easy to use and secure. In that the best feature I can say loudly is blocking comments for your Instagram account. No one can place comments for your posts and pictures if you turn off comments on Instagram. It will be useful for the people who don’t want to get comments and responses in their account for the photos.

block comments on Instagram

Of course it is not useful for people to block comments for account for that reason company has updated new feature to block comments for a particular posts so that you can turn off comments for any specific post which you don’t want to get comments from your followers. So it’s your choice to use any one feature from these two comment settings in Instagram.

Note: you can make these changes through desktop version and mobile version also. Go through videos to know how to turn off comments for Instagram account

How to turn off comments on Instagram app

Live Demo


  • Log on to your account or open app on your device
  • Click on profile button
  • Tap 3 vertical dot icon
  • Scroll down and open comments from menu
  • Enable hide inappropriate comments
  • Add keywords in box which you want to block automatically if comment has those words

Like this you can stop comments which you don’t like and block comment option for particular posts on Instagram

How to block comments if it has certain words

  • Open Instagram on web
  • Click on profile and go through edit profile
  • Choose comments from left side menu
  • Enable hide inappropriate comments
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