How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

Everyone know that how to block someone on Instagram without spending more time and taking more steps. But it is somewhat difficult and takes few steps to unblock someone on Instagram using app or web application. We may block so many people during usage Insta app so long but you can’t find blocked users profile until you unblock them. Go through below steps to know how to unblock a blocked followers on Instagram.

how to unblcok someone on instagram

It seems very confused by the users when they want to check followers whom blocked earlier. It is not possible to check list of blocked users on your Insta account through web application so you must use Instagram app to check blocked list and to unblock followers. Ofcourse you may think why to unblock and why I can unblock once blocked users. You can feel any second in future to excuse them for blocking and you can start following them or allowing them to follow your stories and posts

How to check blocked contacts on Instagram

Live Demo


  • Open app on your device
  • Click on profile button that you can see right bottom corner on your screen
  • Now you can see 3 vertical dot Icon just click on it
  • Scroll down until you see Blocked users
  • Open any user profile of whom you want to unblock
  • Click unblock button to start following or allowing them to follow you on Instagram
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