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How to change language on Paytm App

change language on paytm

How to change language on Paytm App

By default paytm will be choose English language when you install it on your mobile. It supports other language like Hindi, Telugu, Urdu and many more so that we can use any language which you understand more or local language. Here we have given step by step guide to know “How to use PayTm in other languages or change paytm language on app. So that you can use it in your preferred language

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Following steps and screen shots are to know about changing language on PayTm mobile app like iPhone, Android and windows mobiles. After demonetization people are using paytm to transfer money. Everyone will not understand if it shows on their preferred languages. That’s why I am shating this article for the people who are searching for “how to change language on paytm app

How to change language in Paytm App

Live Demo

  • Log on paytm mobile app on your device (IOS, Android, Widnows etc)
  • Click on profile button which you can see at bottom of your screen

how to use paytm with diff language

  • Scroll down until you see choose language option

paytm language change

  • Now select your preferred language and enjoy it
  • From the languages list I am choosing Telugu language

paytm language change

  • Now my app is translated and appearing in Telugu only

how to change paytm language

Like this you can change language for paytm mobile app. Don’t forget to check our tutorials about facebook, twitter, blogger, wordpress and YouTube tips through Online Tips Zone official channel.