How to change Netgear WiFi name

We will give a default name while connecting netgear wireless router but we may get a chance to change Wi-Fi name in future. But we don’t know how to change WiFi name of netgear router directly. This article provides you detailed step by step guide of changing wifi name of netgear router. We can call it as SSID name of netgear router.

change netgear wifi name

No need to spend more time and more knowledge on wireless routers. Because it is very easy to change wireless network name of netgear router. We have given clear steps along with a live demo to know how to change wifi name of netgear and like this you can change name at any time without losing connection from current connected devices.

How to change WiFi name of Netgear

  • Open any browser like chrome, Firefox etc (Check Screen shot )
  • Type this IP ( in address bar and click enter button
  • Use admin as username and password as password
  • Now go through wireless from left side menu
  • In the wireless section, you can see option with name
  • Add or edit with required name
  • Click apply button to change router name

netgear wifi name change

Note: You should login with netgear wifi which you want to change name 

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