How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr

By default primary blog is created when we register into tumblr account and then we can create new blog on tumblr. In tumblr, primary blog will be appear to followers and likes, replies, comments etc will be done by primary blog. You can’t make or change secondary blog as primary and we can’t switch them how we want to show to our tumblr followers.

How to Change Primary Blog on Tumblr

Here we have few alternative steps to convert secondary blog as primary blog on tumblr. Don’t think that it is going to change as primary blog permanently. People will re direct to your secondary blog when they follow your primary blog etc. we can’t change secondary blog as primary officially. We can change username and url of your primary blog as like you want.

Tumblr Primary Blog 

  • Log on to tumblr account
  • Click on profile button and go through settings
  • Open primary blog settings
  • Go to edit theme
  • Click on edit html
  • Now add this code after tag


Note: Make sure you have changed inserttumblrurl with your blog url from the above code

  • Click save button that will be at top of edit theme section.

Now follow someone and ask them, your secondary blog is shown to them instead of primary blog. If anyone follow your primary blog they will be add on your secondary blog.

Second Method:

You can edit blog name and url to how you want to show others.

Third Method:

Delete your primary blog so that your secondary blog will save as your primary blog. Go through this link to know how to delete tumblr blog

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