How to change chrome Theme

Are you feeling bore with Google chrome look and feel. So add your favorite themes to Google Chrome browser to make it better look and feel. We can change chrome background with preferred theme from google chrome themes. It is very simple like we change themes on mobiles and laptops etc. It is only to change the view of chrome because it will help us to get more attention while doing work on it comparing to use default theme and one theme only. 

change chrome theme

Now I am going to show here about how to change chrome theme and as well as how to delete chrome theme to get default theme if we don’t like it after added. Check below steps to add or delete theme to Google Chrome home page

How to add Theme to Google Chrome

Live Demo


  • Open Chrome 
  • Click on 3 vertical dot icon that you can see at Top Right corner
  • Go through settings
  • Click on theme from Appearance section 
  • You will redirect to google chrome themes section after you selected 
  • From there, you can select interested theme and click on Add to Chrome
  • Done you can check your Google Chrome home page and background of chrome browsers.

How to delete Google Chrome Theme

  • Now go to settings
  • Click on reset to default theme from theme section
  • Now your chrome will come to default look and theme will be deleted
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