How to get latitude longitude on Google Maps App

We already discussed about how to find out latitude and longitude of specific location on google maps web. In present days, people are using mobile and browsing all through mobile only instead of using web versions on pc’s. I can say that 90% of people follow locations and directions using Google maps mobile app on android, IOS and more.

how to see latitude longitude on maps app

There are off line maps also introduced in few updated versions of mobile software so you must know about how we can find latitude and longitude in Google maps app as well. It is somewhat different to get latitude and longitude through maps app when comparing to Google maps web.
Don’t worries because I am giving step by step methods to find latitude and longitude on mobile maps just follow below steps or watch video to know how to find latitude and longitude in offline maps

How to get latitude and Longitude in Maps App

Live Demo


  • Open Google maps app on your device
  • Search your location or specific place on app
  • Just give long press on that map point shown in the screen
  • Then you can see few changes below and click on more data
  • In the drop down menu you can see latitude and longitude directly (separated by commas)

Like this you can move or change location to get details of latitude and longitudes on Google maps mobile app or offline maps application. You can ask us through below comments if you are unable to done this process on your devices.

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