How to change language in Google Search

We all know that smart phones has special app for Google search to use directly to search something instead of visiting chrome, opera browsers on your device. We already discussed about how to get back Google search bar back on home screen if missed it from your mobile home screen.

change language of google search app

Here you need to take few steps to change language for your Google Android app or IOS app etc. You can easily find out your required results if you turn on language to your preferred one or mother tongue. Go through below steps or live demo to know how to change google search app language in mobile devices.

Change Google search language

Live Demo

  • Open search app from your device
  • Click on 3 horizontal line menu Icon
  • Go through settings
  • Open search language from the options
  • Choose your preferred language to get results in that language

Like this you will change Google search language on android app or all other mobile apps at any time as per your requirement. You can come up with any further queries regarding Google Search app.

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