How to Turn On Google Safe Search

We get adult content and unwanted sites during searching in Google from any browser like Chrome, Bing, Firefox etc. we don’t like to get those adult related content in searches it makes discomfort with your children’s and any one sit behind you at that time. I also faced these situations so many times at my home and office. Then I realized that we have an option to set safesearch in Google search engine.

Turn On Google Safe Search

I have enabled safe search for my Google account so that I am sharing this article for the people who are interested to put safe search on their systems or who don’t know about safe search benefits. Follow below steps and watch live demo video to know how to enable safe search in Google

How to turn on Safesearch in Google

Live Demo

  • Open Google search home page
  • Click on settings that you can at the left bottom corner on your screen
  • You will get drop-up menu when you clicked on settings
  • Go through search settings
  • There you can see safe search enable option in the top section of search settings
  • Now click on save button

Your browser has now enabled as safesearch so that you are so longer to adult content for your searches. No need to set safe search always if you enable it after you logged into your account. It can take only some time if you put safe search without logging into your google account. You can ask us through below comments for any related queries. We are available 24*7 hours on Facebook page

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