How to change Pinterest Username

Everyone knows that Pinterest is an top rated social media website which helps to promote over images and web links directly. It will show our posts to people who are looking for similar topics. It will give default url as what you gave in username so that it may feel difficult to tell someone and remember which not looks and listen as catchy.

change Pinterest Username

Here we have an option to edit username of Pinterest with required one. Like this you can customize your profile url how you want to look. If it is available it will be save otherwise you will get warned like url is not available. That’s why you should learn how to change URL/username of your Pinterest account with easy to remember or significant

You should take right step to pur a perfect username because it will bring more people and users by putting perfect username which can understand what is your account about by seeing your username of url. Follow below steps or watch live demo to know how to customize your Pinterest profile url or username.

Pinterest Username Change

  • Log on to account
  • Now click on 3 horizontal dot icon from that you can see on top right corner
  • Now go through edit settings form drop down menu
  • Scroll down until you see username section
  • Write and set url and username with required name and save it

Like this you can add your Pinterest username or url with required one which is easy to say for other people. Come up with new queries which you have related to this topic or any other about Web usage.

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